Yodek's Yahtzee for Nele v.1.0 Sanne's first game - Shapes and Colors v.1.0
Yodek's Yahtzee for Nele screenshot
[approx. 22 Mb]
Language: English.
Yahtzee for Windows 98 and up.
Shapes and Colors screenshot
[approx. 30 Mb]
Language: n.a.
A game to play (3+) or simply watch (2+).
Kids game for Windows 98, XP and Vista.
(c) D.E.K. van der Kolk 2006-2007
Designed and programmed by D.E.K. van der Kolk,
in Visual Basic.NET 2003 (c) Microsoft

Main website: http://www.dannyvanderkolk.nl